Garage Cabinets Morris

Most customers go with the standard cabinet that’s a dark colored wood, but every now and again, we’ll have a customer who wants to go the industrial route. The finish on the garage cabinets Morris customers choose has the look of stainless steel. We call the finish London Grey, with a cool coating that will modernize any garage. If you’re looking for steel cabinets, but don’t want to pay the hefty price, we’ve got an awesome alternative. See below the industrial and updated look the garage cabinets in Morris gives this garage.

The customized racks that sturdily fit inside the cabinets allow all of your equipment to hide safely behind closed doors. These are the garage cabinets Morris residents rave about. Not only do they look streamlined and clean, but they can protect children, pets, and even adults from injury.

You’ll notice in the pictures above that our cabinets don’t sit on the ground. We’ve found that dust, dirt, and even small creatures will make their homes under other cabinets that go all the way to the floor. With the 12″ space underneath, you will be able to effortlessly sweep up any dust bunnies and keep your garage pest free.

We offer a wide selection of colors and finishes with our garage cabinets in Morris. When you take the steps to organizing your garage, and getting the right system for your space, you’ll save money in the long run. You won’t need to spend an obnoxious monthly rate for a storage unit you could do without. Plus, garage cabinets protect your equipment from accidents or falls, which means you won’t have to spend the extra cash for replacements. All we ask is what are are you waiting for! The perfect garage cabinets are waiting for you, just give us a call.