Garage Epoxy Charlotte: Flooring Done Right

Time and time again, we’ll be introduced to customers who have tried to paint an epoxy floor by themselves. While their efforts are valiant, it rarely turns out as expected. Not only does the outcome look sub-par, but it just doesn’t have that lasting effect that a professionally installed floor has.

In order to get the perfect garage epoxy Charlotte homeowners so desperately need, there are specific steps that we are sure to take when installing your new flooring. Let’s start with the floor preparation. A diamond-head grinder is used to buff the floor so that the epoxy flakes and sealer can adequately attach and last. Below is a picture of the hard work and preparation:

After the grinding and layering takes place, we have to make sure that the floor has enough time to cure. It usually takes about 24 hours to fully dry before your car is ready to drive on in. But just take a look at the garage epoxy in Charlotte we did this summer. It turned out so smooth and professional, and we are sure to make each floor we do look this good.

One of the best parts of getting the garage epoxy Charlotte residents have been raving about is that every floor we do is customized to your needs. We have a variety of colors you can choose from. The granite look will instantly jazz up your garage, all the while protecting and improving your garage floor. No longer will you need to worry about obscene cracks in the concrete or disgusting oil stains. It’s easy to maintain as well; sweeping the floor becomes a breeze. If you’re considering an epoxy floor in your garage, look no further than Total-Garage, Inc. We’ll get your garage looking fantastic in no time.